Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Joost van Ulden
  • Location: Vancouver BC
  • Email: joost@vanulden.com

Professional Profile

  • Seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business/technical skill set and expertise in delivering leading edge geospatial solutions.
  • Proficient problem-solver who envisions business and technical perspectives to develop workable solutions.
  • Strong leader capable of leading multidisciplinary teams.
  • Effective project manager that is able to deliver on-time, on-budget solutions.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2008 June - Present

Natural Resources Canada, ESS/CCMEO

Advisor, Systems and Architecture

  • technology strategist

  • enterprise architecture

  • geospatial systems/application design

  • project management

2001 December - 2008 June

Natural Resources Canada, GSC Pacific

Development Coordinator/Technical Lead

  • technology strategist

  • data/knowledge integration

  • systems design

  • applications development

2001 March - 2001 December

Sustainable Development Research Institute

GIS Programmer/Analyst

  • data acquisition

  • data integration and management

  • training and support

  • application development

1998 January - 2001 March

GroundControl GeoTechnologies Inc.

GIS Application Developer

  • GIS/GPS project management

  • business development

  • web development

  • application developmen

1997 May - 1997 September

Natural Resources Canada, GSC Pacific

Survey and Mapping Technician

  • design of field GIS system

  • GPS data collection and processing

  • GIS applications within ArcView

  • logistics and planning

My Education


2004 - 2008

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Bachelors, Management of Technology

Graduated with honours.

1996 - 1998

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Diploma, Geomatics Engineering

Graduated with honours and received the prestigious Canadian Institute of Geomatics Award for Excellence.

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge


Many truly gifted leaders have helped shape my personal leadership style. True leaders recognize that they work for their people and not the other way around. Strong and effective teams are a by-product of strong and effective leadership. Effective organizations are a by-product of strong and effective teams.

I believe in hiring based on integrity, motivation and experience; in that order. Without integrity, motivation or experience all the education in world would be less than useful. I also believe that hiring should be a team effort, where existing team members can be involved in decisions that will ultimately affect them the most.


I am well versed in the latest development methodologies including Agile, Scrum and Xtreme. My software development leadership style takes the best aspects of all of these methodologies and combines them with my leadership philosophy to create a work environment that fosters creativity and produces robust cutting edge solutions.

My project management experience has its foundation in almost two decades of software development. Again, my style borrows from many different methodologies and experiences and focuses on people and results rather than process.


Much of my experience is in designing, building and implementing web based and mobile mapping applications and portals. I have many years of experience working with a multitude of web based and mobile mapping frameworks.

I have significant experience designing, building, and implementing complex client/server  web and mobile applications using relational and no-SQL databases.


I thrive in team-based environment that rewards individuals for their creativity and hard work. I am an exceptionally well organized and detail oriented individual. I am able to effectively prioritize my tasks and am comfortable working within tight deadlines.

Software & Technologies


  • ArcGIS
  • Github, SVN
  • Microsoft Office, Project
  • Visual Studio, Aptana
  • Enterprise Architect, Visio
  • MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL


  • .NET
  • jQuery
  • Google Maps
  • Leaflet
  • OpenLayers
  • PhoneGap


  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PHP, ASP, ASPX, Coldfusion
  • UML


Canadian Institute of Geomatics Award for Excellence

1998 / British Columbia Institute of Technology

Earth Sciences Sector Merit Award for Collaboration & Partnership

2007 / Natural Resources Canada

Earth Sciences Sector Merit Award for Collaboration Excellence

2014 / Natural Resources Canada

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    Competitive cyclist, triathlete and trail runner.

  • Mobile


    Exploring the potential of mobile platforms to improve the human condition.

  • Travel


    Travelling to new places and experiencing other cultures.

  • Open Data

    Open Data

    Democratization of public sector information and data assets.

  • Geospatial


    Leveraging the power of location to enhance the user experience.


Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me for more information about my skills and work history.

My Address

  • North Vancouver, BC Canada
  • joost@vanulden.com

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